This Is What Paul Farmer Believes

Dr. Paul Farmer is a man that lives the life of no one else. He is not just a nice guy but he is also a savior to many patients over in Haiti. He has such a strong desire to help this country with health care that it seems like he would do anything in his power to fix up Haiti to better the lives of all the poor Haitians.

I still find this mind blowing how Dr. Paul Farmer goes to college not for himself but to help the people of Haiti. While knowing all this money is coming out of Farmers wallet from going back and forth from Haiti to college and aiding Haitians it is just crazy to think how he would put his money and service up to this poor country. All these things were adding up so it was a sigh of relief to hear the donation of money Tom White had handed out for this mission. While all of this time and effort put forth in Farmers mission you still have to recognize that he is living in Haiti witch is a very unsanitary area to live in, so he really did sacrifice everything.

So to me Dr. Paul Farmer is one of the strongest people I have ever read about. He could not maintain a love life with anyone because of his passion to serving Haiti. He has done everything in his power to help the people of Haiti live a better life and that is what to me makes him a hero.


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